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Protect your data from dreadful viruses, malwares & threats that can degenerate and obliterate them. Bring in an effective antivirus software suite that can not only wipe out harmful viruses and malwares from your system but also provide full protection against any online threats or files you download from the web. VIPRE Antivirus has been protecting millions of computers, laptops, MAC and smart devices from unwanted programs, malicious files thefts, viruses, online threats, and malwares.

In this post, we are listing out the guide on How to uninstall VIPRE internet security from your system. In the event you are looking for technical difficulties regarding  VIPRE installation, Activation & Configuration, contact Free Diagnostic VIPRE Customer Service from expert technicians.

Steps to Uninstall VIPRE Internet Security

Please follow the steps below to uninstall VIPRE Internet Security or ca:

  • Open the control panel and follow these steps as per your operating system:
    • For Windows XP/Vista/7: Click Start > Control Panel
    • For Windows 8/8.1: From the tiles screen, type “Control”, even if you don’t have a box. The search will open automatically. After that choose the Control Panel option
    • Windows 10 – From the search bar on the bottom left of the screen, type “Control” and a search will come up as you are typing. Click the Control Panel option.
  • Choose to Uninstall a Program, or click on Programs and Features option. Get Free VIPRE Customer Support Phone Number help if you are encountering any issues.uninstall vipre antivirus windows 10
  • Choose “VIPRE Internet Security” among the list of programs displayed. Then click “Uninstall or change a program”. You can also right-click the Uninstall/Change command to automatically remove to manually uninstall vipre
  • Select the option “Remove” from VIPRE INTERNET SECURITY windows. Then click on Next > button.vipre removal tool 2016 | uninstall vipre antivirus
  • The next prompt will ask to keep or remove data files. Choose “Yes, remove all items, then click Next.vipre removal tool 2016
  • The removal process will begin that may take several minutes.vipre removal tool 2016
  • Click Finish from VIPRE INTERNET SECURITY.

vipre removal tool 2016

  • After the removal process, restart the computer if prompted.uninstall vipre antivirus windows 10
  • If you are facing any difficulties in any of the step above, get VIPRE Customer Service on below-mentioned toll-free numbers.

    Get Free Support for VIPRE from Expert Professionals

    If you have still not able to uninstall VIPRE from your system we request you to call Support for VIPRE Install & Reinstall Error on VIPRE Toll-Free Number 1800-445-2810. For more details related to VIPRE Internet Security free support services we offer, visit the website:- Support For VIPRE

    • United States of America or Canada:- 1–800–445–2810
    • United Kingdom:- +44-800-046-5700
    • Australia:- +61-1800-769-903 



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