How to Fix Avast Antivirus Activation Issue Windows 10

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Fix Avast Antivirus Activation Issue Step by Step


Avast antivirus is well known for protecting millions of devices across the world. If you have Avast, don’t worry about unwanted programs, suspected files, thefts, viruses & hackers. Once you install your Avast into your system, you need to activate it so that it starts shielding you. In this post we are sharing with you simple steps to Activate your Avast. If you are confused what to do or seeking help for other Avast related issues, call Avast Customer Support Number and connect to high experienced technicians.

Process to Activate Avast Internet Security

After successfully purchasing Avast Internet Security 2017, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail where you will find your attached license activation code.

You will either receive an Avast antivirus activation serial key or a license file. If you received an activation code instead of a license file, copy it to clipboard and follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on your Avast icon and select ‘Subscription information’ from the context menu.
  • Find the available options and click on ‘Insert activation code.’
  • Paste the activation code (from email) and click Next to continue.
  • A confirmation dialogue box will appear if your code is valid. Click OK.
  • You can also check your status and validity period from the subscription option.

Note: If you have already utilized your activation code on all the authorized devices, but you need to transfer the license to a new device, you will need a license file during product installation.

You can resend your copy of purchased license to the registered email that you entered during the purchase using Avast site. After installing Avast Internet Security, follow these steps.

  • Open your confirmation e-mail containing your license file and open the attached file.
  • When the file executes, an activation dialogue box will appear. You can now click Activate to insert the license in your Avast product.
  • Click OK upon confirmation.
  • Check your subscription by going into Avast Settings > Subscription, your subscription status and validity period. Subscription status
  • Follow this alternative method if the automatic method does not work.
  • Open your Avast purchase confirmation e-mail containing your license file and download the attached file named avastlic on your Windows desktop (preferable).
    • Right-click on your Avast icon from the system notification tray and select ‘Subscription information’ from the context menu.
    • Select ‘Subscription’ in the settings menu, then click on ‘Insert license file.’ Insert license file
    • A dialogue window will pop-up. Select your avastlic file from the desktop and click ‘open.’
    • When the file opens, an activation dialogue box will appear with product name and validity period. Click on ‘Activate.’
    • A confirmation box will appear, click on OK.
    • Avast Internet Security 2016 will remain activated for the remaining license period.

Avast Not Activated? Call Avast Customer Support Helpline

If you are still not activated your Avast or facing any issue with your Avast software, call our technical support number. Our technicians are available round the clock and will help you instantly over phone.

Just note down the numbers: 1-800-445-2810 (USA/Canada), +61-1800-769-903 (AUS), +44-800-046-5700 (UK)

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